Thursday, February 18, 2010

Monkeys and chocolate cupcakes!

DSC00262Jackson turned one on February 9th. (I’m a little late in posting this.) I was able to keep him alive for an entire year and that deserves a celebration!

One year ago on the 9th  I woke up being as pregnant as ever and ready to hold Jackson in my arms and not in my belly. We left the house very early that morning in order to be at Sacred Heart in time for my scheduled c-section and a few hours later I saw Jackson for the first time! It was completely surreal and one can never prepare themselves for that moment, but when it happens you know that what you’re feeling is real.

Since that day Jackson has given me many moments of “real”-ness. I’m proud of completing the first year of parenthood and even more proud of how Jackson has grown and developed. So we celebrated with balloons, monkeys and chocolate cupcakes!

Thanks to Holly for helping me out with all the preparations and to everyone who came to celebrate Jackson’s first birthday!    


Friday, February 5, 2010

A lock of hair…



Above, you see Jackson’s new haircut. Now, let me tell you the story…

For weeks now my dad (papa) and my Grandpa have been telling me that “Jackson needs a haircut.” I would respond by saying, “maybe…”, but secretly hoped that Jackson would grow cute little curls at the end of his stick-straight hair. Well, he didn’t.

On Tuesday I went to pick Jackson up from daycare and as I walked into the room I saw the back of his head and thought, “that boy needs a haircut.” As cute as Jackson was with a moppy head of stick-straight hair I knew he’d be even cuter with a Sunday School Charlie haircut.

That night I called my Grandpa to admit defeat, but come to find out he was one step ahead of me. He had already purchased a haircutting set for Jackson. I won’t deny that this made me nervous. “Now, who will be operating the trimmers?” I had planned to take him to Barber Bob in town- where all the farmers go to get their haircuts. He has an old-fashioned chair and I was thinking photo opp. to be perfectly honest. 

I didn’t have the heart to say no. Besides, how great of a story is it that Jackson got his first haircut from his Papa and Great Grandpa?

So on Thursday night, with Papa on one side and Great Grandpa on the other, we strapped Jackson into his highchair for his first of many haircuts . Jackson didn’t cry, I only had to step in one time and it’s not a good haircut at all, but it’ll grow out soon enough. Until then I need to learn how to give Jackson a haircut.


(Left) This picture was taken while Papa was trying to figure out how to use the trimmers. It wasn’t very comforting for me and, obviously, not for Jackson either. “Um, excuse me. What do you think you’re doing?”DSC00146





(Right) I guess my dad thought it would be helpful to show Jackson that the cover wouldn’t choke him. Again, we were both terrified. DSC00151 

(Left)  The first snip! Like I said, Jackson didn’t cry, but that doesn’t mean he was happy about the whole experience. DSC00167





(Right) Three generations of Guhlke’s. They now all have the same haircut.  DSC00175 DSC00199