Thursday, February 18, 2010

Monkeys and chocolate cupcakes!

DSC00262Jackson turned one on February 9th. (I’m a little late in posting this.) I was able to keep him alive for an entire year and that deserves a celebration!

One year ago on the 9th  I woke up being as pregnant as ever and ready to hold Jackson in my arms and not in my belly. We left the house very early that morning in order to be at Sacred Heart in time for my scheduled c-section and a few hours later I saw Jackson for the first time! It was completely surreal and one can never prepare themselves for that moment, but when it happens you know that what you’re feeling is real.

Since that day Jackson has given me many moments of “real”-ness. I’m proud of completing the first year of parenthood and even more proud of how Jackson has grown and developed. So we celebrated with balloons, monkeys and chocolate cupcakes!

Thanks to Holly for helping me out with all the preparations and to everyone who came to celebrate Jackson’s first birthday!    



  1. That a boy, eat that cake! yessssss

  2. You have such a handsome boy! Congrats on one year.