Thursday, March 24, 2011

When you've fallen into a vortex and can't get out.

Confession: Chris and I purchased our wedding bands a couple weeks ago. Since we've picked them up from the jeweler in Spokane we've been known to wear them around the house on occassion. It's only for a couple minutes and then they go right back into the drawer next to the pearls that Chris's mom gave me (they were her mom's pearls).
No wonder the jeweler asked us if we'd like to keep them in the safe at the store until the big day...

Wedding plans are coming along! We're doing a Save the Date video instead of sending out cards so watch your email inbox for one! This saves lots of green in all sense of the word and gives me an opportunity to flex my newfound videographer muscles. And it's more personal. Waaaay more personal.

I've decided that wedding planning is a funny sort of vortex that one easily falls into. There's always going to be something better out there. The next wedding blog will always have something cuter or more creative. Next season will come out with the perfect shade of coral that wasn't available the season you got married. (I've learned that "vintage-y, muted" coral does not exist. One vendor looked at me blankly and said, "You mean peach?" No. I do not mean peach. I mean "vintage-y, muted coral.)

Here's the thing: you're just as married at the end of the day.

I'm scavenging for wire bird cages and vintage picture frames right now. Michael's and Jo-Ann's have a whole new meaning to me. As do the words, "DIY" and "what's your wedding budget?" My wedding budget is "spend as little as possible" so we can go on a killer Honeymoon.
To Greece.
With that being my option I start thinking things like, "why can't everyone just bring their own flatware to eat with? BYOFW. While we're at it... who needs to even eat?" But then that's the vortex talking.

We'll be just as married at the end of the day.
I will, however, go Bridezilla on your ass if you refer to my "coral" as "peach".


  1. I would NEVER do that!! That is a lovely Zinnia in a perfect shade of coral!! With a "vintage-y" tone to it. ;-)

  2. You are so funny and hold your ground on the vintage, muted coral it is NOT peach - dah!
    Also what size frames are you looking for???

    Happy "ringing" in spring

  3. you're hilarious. i will bmofw.