Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lucy Lately

Picture by Flat 4 Photography

Lucy was 15 months old when we met. I'll never forget that day nor will I forget the joy she obviously brought to her daddy's life. Now I get to share in that joy and am amazed by this little girl and how much she's changed since that day.

Lately, Lucy...

  • Is a girlie girl. Lucy loves the dirt and being outside just as much as Jackson, but lately she has discovered the perks of being a girl. We've bonded over finger nail polish and hair bows. She loves to accessorize with bracelets and necklaces. She can name off every single Disney princess and says, without a doubt, that Cinderella is her favorite. I think Rapunzel (Tangled) comes in a close second. I, personally, love this because girls are so much fun to shop for.
  • Colors inside the lines. This girl is a pro colorer. She carefully chooses just the right color and then meticulously finishes the page. Really, she's great at anything creative and I love seeing her freestyle it on the chalk/marker/paper easel we got her for Christmas. She makes wonderful smiley faces. :)
  • Grew Up, Up, Up! We had to get Lucy new pants. One day she fit into her pants and footed pajamas just fine and then the next day she had highwaters and wedgies. I can't believe the growth spurts she can pull off! Daddy is 6'10" so she has some catching up to do, but at this rate she'll be up there in no time!
  • Sees the details. No detail goes unnoticed with Lucy. "I love your beautiful dress!" she'll say to anyone with a skirt on. She notices when I'm wearing different earings and calls them "wonderful." Her "wedding shoes" (pink, corduroy Tom's) are some of her favorites. If something has changed in the house, she notices and if someone does something nice for her, she notices.
  • Is so caring. The other day, simultaneously, I spilled my coffee AND Jackson started drawing on my light pink chair with blue pen. It was a moment of chaos and Lucy looked at me matter-of-factly and said, "It's okay mommy Carey. I love you." After that, anything can be okay. She also gives the best smooshy-face kisses and little pats on your back accompany any hug she gives. What really gets me is that she picks up on the emotion of those around her. She senses when your sad or happy, angry or sick and responds appropriately. By the way, "Papa Brad is [still] all better."
  • Has her own sense of humor. Lucy sees joy in the world and finds humor in the little things. I love watching her get tickled inside by seeing things like Christmas lights through her fingertip, daddy making silly faces, her own silly faces and farts. (Yes, farts. Trust me, it's funny.) 
  • Loves her Gramma. Lucy has a special bond with her Gramma Marlena. There's nothing better to Lucy than going to Gramma's house, baking cookies and working in the garden. More and more, Lucy looks like her Gramma and could even qualify as Gramma's minime. This is a wonderful thing because Gramma is wonderful. 
  • Stopped wearing her purple princess dress every day. This is good because we no longer have to sneak it into the laundry room, but kinda sad. She still loves "beautiful, wonderful dresses", but now it can be ANY dress.   
  • Is going to marry Jackson. Ever since the wedding, Lucy occasionally states that she is going to marry Jackson. It's the cutest thing.
  • Has an opinion. I have no doubt in my mind that Lucy will grow up to be the kind of person who stands up for what she believes in and is passionate about. She is strong and fragile- which I know are opposites, but I think of less as opposites and more as compliments.
Lucy will be 4 in May and as she morphs into a little girl, the kind that picks out her clothes and prefers not to eat meat, we see a beautiful, wonderful person emerging who is unique and can be summed up as all things Lucy.

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  1. Can I be your kid? Cause you would be one encouraging mom to have! :)
    Lucy is PRECIOUS!