Monday, April 20, 2009

A little more sleep...

Jackson has become so much more interactive over the past week! He started smiling around 5 weeks, but his coos and smiles are now in reaction to things he likes and he can practically carry on a "conversation" with me. I love it!

For the past four nights Jackson has been falling asleep around 8:30... and staying asleep for at least a few hours! It's marvelous!! When he does wake up throughout the night it's just to be fed or changed and then rocked back to sleep. Last night I watched Celbrity Apprentice and I actually got to see who was fired! (Poor Herschel... I think I'd marry him if given the chance.) I feel incredibly rested for someone who hasn't slept through the night since February 9th. I wouldn't trade those sleepless nights for anything though!!

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