Sunday, November 8, 2009

Our first, few falls

It is one of the most heartbreaking things when I see Jackson get hurt. I will be that mom that runs out onto the field and embarrasses herself -and her child- when they get hit in the face with a baseball. My mom was. Even though I was embarrassed, I loved it.

Jackson is pulling himself up and exploring his mobility options. With that comes the inevitability of falling. All I know to do is to scoop him up and let him know he is safe when that happens. It's a helpless and yet fulfilling feeling.

As I mentioned before, Jackson is becoming mobile. He's even starting to walk with assistance. We also have two teeth and more coming... the drool is unstoppable! His noises are becoming a little more organized and he's learned that if he uses his miserable cry at 5am that mommy will come put him in bed with her. Nearly every morning this happens and as soon as I open the door to his room he starts grinning. I know it's a game, but I love cuddling with him.

October is my favorite month. I loved sharing it with Jackson for the first time. We went to Greenbluff and picked out pumpkins, played with leaves, carved pumpkins, dressed up for Halloween (well, he did), made pumpkin-apple teething biscuits... I enjoyed my favorite month more than I have in a long time. Jackson seemed to enjoy it too!

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