Friday, January 1, 2010

2009: A Year of Firsts

    Much like everyone else, I spent New Year's day reflecting on the past year and planning for the next. I feel, however, that 2009 was one of the biggest and best years I've had so far. While I had many hurdles to overcome throughout the year, I overcame them and am better for it. I love being able to look back and see personal growth!

    Jackson's arrival, of course, was the best part of 2009. I can't even put into words the mix of emotions I felt that day- the strongest of which was joy and pride. I'll never forget seeing him for the first time or that first night in the hospital. Our trip home was scary; our first month of sleepless nights was rough; his first smile was so incredibly precious. With each first he got closer and closer to the loveable, joyful, easy-going, always hungry, slightly mischievious, beautiful little baby boy he is now. I can't wait to see what he'll become in 2010.

Our first road trip was in March when Jackson was only 5 weeks old. We drove the 10+ hour drive to Jackson Hole, WY to visit friends and Jackson's dad. That tiny baby was a trooper. He slept most of the way and put up with mommy's singing in the car. And speaking of trooper; on the way back I was pulled over for speeding. As soon as the officer walked up to my car window Jackson started screaming. I promptly got out of a speeding ticket and as we pulled away Jackson stopped. Thank you, Jackson.

Jackson's first tooth- his lower, front, left tooth- came in September with it's next door neighbor soon following. About a week ago he started getting his upper front teeth so pretty soon he'll look a little bit like a beaver, but they'll be good for chomping on more advanced foods.
Thanksgiving, Christmas, New years were all firsts, of course, and pretty soon he'll have his first birthday (February 9th). I swore I'd never be that person who throws their child a themed birthday party, but don't you think a little monkey birthday would be the cutest?

In summary, 2009 was great. I have a new and perfect little human in my life, a new job that doesn't involve coffee and does involve my expensive degree and family and friends who I appreciate more than ever.
Here are a few snapshots of the end of the year:

Blueberry pancakes!

Papa's hat.

Jackson's first birthday party attendance.             Sippy Cup!!

We weren't thrilled about our first snowsuit.


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